Tera Carissa Hodges Found a Niche in the World of Motivational Speaking to Help People Change Their Lives and Lead Better Careers.

Faith is a powerful tool. It is an incredible motivator and way to connect with people who you wouldn’t normally connect with. Like finding common ground over anything, faith brings people together in a way that is unmatched by many other like-characteristics. This is what makes Tera Carissa Hodges so impactful in her motivational speaking and media platforms. 

Tera is the owner of a faith based media company and got her start in the business world as a motivational speaker who spoke on topics of faith that brought thousands of people together from all across the globe. Her speaking became such a large attraction, that she started her larger faith based media group.

“I am an internationally known faith empowerment speaker who has empowered over 100,000 people in person on over 100 platforms. Known to many for the faith principles I teach, I saw a need for people to be empowered beyond a conference event and created a micro launch of a 1on1 coaching business in 2011 that quickly took off. As we speak, the wait time for a 1on1 with me for new clients is 1 year, which is why I now have several group coaching events each month that attract thousands,” Tera remarks.

Tera was originally in the corporate world herself. It was during that time that she discovered that the many people she worked with were lacking a coach of their own. She decided this was her opportunity to take up this gap in the business world and create something that could give back to people.

“A degreed, licensed, and certified professional myself, with corporate experience, I quickly realized that many of my clients that I coach, also needed professional coaching and development for their jobs, brands, businesses, not for profits, etc, so though my providing PR and media services for clients goes back as far as 2006, in 2016 I officially launched LR (life, labels, lifestyles redefined) Global Media Group,” Tera recounts.

In particular, Tera focuses on the pain that people experience and how it can be channeled into something that can help them become a better person. This helps people transform their lives from seeing experiences as innately negative to something that is a part of life.

“I help people heal from their past by embracing their past and pain and seeing it as purposeful. Everyone has made mistakes, been lied to, endured unfair treatment, etc. But, when you own your story, your story can never own you. No one has my unique set of gifts, talents, experience, process, you name it. They may do what I do and even attempt to duplicate and outright steal what I do, but they will never be able to deliver how I deliver and impact how I impact,” Tera states.

Tera has a lot of exciting projects coming up including releasing a book. She details her next projects below:

“I have a new book coming out designed to help people use faith based principles to shift their life. As always, I have speaking engagements, and will continue my live group coaching events. People can text LIVE to 833-677-0216 to receive alerts when I am going live.”

To find out more about Tera, you can follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.