Speaker And Bestselling Author Heinz Kaegi Shows Us Why It’s Important To Lead Both Life and Business From The Heart

Have you ever felt stuck at your job or had the feeling of wanting more? Of feeling like your potential isn’t being met where you are? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, this is the same feeling that Heinz Kaegi, Top Executive Mentor, had for a long time before he fully changed his life. After a decade in a corporate executive career, Heinz realized this was not what he was meant to do in this world. He decided to stop compromising his time for a vision that he did not believe in and began to follow the voice in his heart to focus on something different. While on a vacation to the deserts of Africa, Heinz gained incredible clarity of what his path was meant to be, as he always knew deep down that his passion lied in entrepreneurship. 

Heinz started off as a partner at a national personal development firm designing and conducting curriculums for sales and marketing people and managers of all industries. In these fascinating times, he learned to transform the seeming stumbling stones into building blocks – by treating them as such right from the beginning when they show up. 

““When you have answered the why and the what, the how will unfold right before you,” states Heinz. 

As an upcoming entrepreneur, he asked himself “Who and in what industries  are my preferred ideal customers?,” “How do I passionately perform my services and deliver more than is expected so that as a natural return my clients want to recompensate me excellently in relation to the value that I give and produce?,” “How do I differentiate myself from the pack?,” and “How does this increase my income so to provide for and prosper with my family in the long term?” These are all common questions that you may have as well if you’re thinking about quitting your 9-5, starting a new business, or making a drastic change in your career path. While these may be daunting questions at first, Heinz points out that mindset makes at least 80% of your results. 

““What you can conceive and truly believe, you can achieve. It is your personal mindset that creates the resonance and attracts alike thought patterns, people and things,” says Heinz. 

This is why Heinz, who now leads an international leadership company, encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to seek clarity in both their business and career life in order to become the best version of themselves. In the context of his own executive career experience, Heinz was able to pinpoint the characteristics that distinguish a great impactful leader and has dedicated his life now to changing the way managers lead themselves and their teams. He not only founded the emPowerment Group Ltd, but is also a renowned speaker, bestselling author, and has taken his LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life Mentoring Program across the world, inspiring and challenging  executives to move from hard work to heart work©. 

“What is the difference between Success…and something less? We either believe in our visions and goals – or in our excuses,” says Heinz. 

As such, Heinz encourages you to take the leap to go after your most ambitious dream and set on the path to become the best leader you can be. If you are looking where to start, make sure you sign up for Heinz’ first exclusive event taking place in Salt Lake City from August 12th-14th. Surrounded by other executives who are committed to grow beyond and build sustainable success and fulfillment, this Leadershift program will teach and empower you how to express your full potential as a leader. 

You can learn more about this event, as well as Heinz’ other projects, by visiting his webpage. Make sure you also check him out on Instagram here