Erica Dias Wanted A Different Career Experience And A Break From The Racism And Hardship She Was Enduring While Working In Corporate, So She Created Her Own Business And Path To Success

After having mastered one area of business, Erica Dias decided it was time for her to grow into another. Her background as an entrepreneur in the TV world helped prepare her for her new endeavour: publicity and marketing. Though she had to conquer numerous obstacles, she has found her stride in the business.

Although my first love and passion is fashion, I have had an extensive resume as a Wardrobe Stylist and have worked on commercials as a Wardrobe Stylist for numerous people and products, along with hit TV shows on networks like BET and Vh1. I eventually decided to grow in other arenas and expand my brand to the publicity sector.

With 8 + years representing fashion and beauty brands, athletes, and clients in the entertainment industry, I know the ins and outs of what it takes to develop a brand to the next level in all aspects,” Erica explains.

Erica’s story in the business world starts off like many others. She was turned off by the nine to five and normal work life. She wanted to breakout and become something more and do something more to her liking. In other words, she wanted to be her own boss and work on her terms.

“I was turned off by the workforce. Between being treated unfairly, racial discrimination and  I promised myself that I would invest in myself, my brand and my dreams 100%. I wanted to be able to create my own opportunities. I was also motivated by my surroundings and I’ve always had a passion for helping the underdogs, and people who were overlooked and helped them take their careers to greater heights. I know how it feels to be overlooked and underestimated, so being able to curate the narrative being told about my clients really brings joy to my heart,” Erica recounts.

Now, Erica has conquered the task by becoming a CEO in multiple areas. She runs B Firm PR, which focuses on helping individuals, companies, and more  create their own breakthroughs in the PR world. In addition, she has created Table of 20: a new kind of dining experience.

“I am the CEO of the B Firm PR, which is a Publicity & Marketing Firm. 

Our mission is to provide creative breakthroughs for individuals, brands and corporations through strategic communication campaigns that educate, build relationships, extend reach and increase visibility. Our experiential arm designs customer experiences that enhance the consumer’s relationship with the brand.

I am also the visionary behind Table of 20, which is an intimate dining experience, where we connect, engage, impact and inspire on another. I am hosting my 40th Table of 20 on March 7th in Houston Texas,” Erica details.

Her work has launched her to the head of entrepreneurship and Erica has no intention of stopping now. She is going to continue to push boundaries in new industries as 2021 begins. Though she had to struggle through the obstacles that covid has put in her way, she has been able to persevere and grow under these most difficult circumstances.

“I am working on my third book full of inspirational quotes. My second book, Faith It Until You Make It, is also full of inspirational quotes that are bound to give you that pick me up that you need. The biggest obstacle that I have overcome while building my career is Covid. With so much going on in the world, my firm was still able to add value to clients from all over the world. I maintained a positive outlook in the midst of it all,” Erica says.

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