Las Vegas: Wounded police dog saved after officers rush him to hospital

Police officers in Las Vegas sprang into action to save the life of their police dog, who had been stabbed in the line of duty.

As K9 Enzo fought for his life, police closed roads and called in a helicopter to get him the help he needed.

“You did so good buddy.. you’re a good boy,” one officer can be heard telling his canine comrade as sirens blare, in a video released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

In the fast-moving situation on 29 March, they rushed Enzo to a nearby veterinary hospital where he was taken from the police vehicle and seen covered in blood.

Staff quickly got him inside and onto a table to tend to his wounds, suffering as he tried to apprehend a “violent suspect”.

After stabilizing the dog, it became clear that he needed to be urgently transferred to another hospital for further care.

The decision was made to close the road outside and land a helicopter, so Enzo could be airlifted.

He received further treatment there and this week it was announced that Enzo is alive and recovering.