Juan Munoz’s Parents Wanted Him To Do Something Different With His Life. He Knew That Film And Social Media Were The Right Path For Him, So He Worked Hard Every Day To Make It A Reality

From a young age, Juan Munoz seemed destined to work in the world of entrepreneurship. He has been doing it and working alongside others in the business since he was very young. Inspired by these moments, when it came time for him to pursue a career, the choice was easy!

Growing up, I’ve been filming with entrepreneurs and other like minded people like me. So I caught on to the game really quick as every entrepreneur had a different story that I could learn from. The passion, motivation and changing people’s life felt as many businesses wanted to take their presence online. I immediately took action to bring my business into place helping thousands of brands and companies upscale their sales through my social media presence and films,” Juan explains.

Now, Juan is one of the best content creators in the world. He created a business to help people with their social media marketing. That is only scratching the surface for what Juan does however. He also has his personal work in the film industry.

“I’m one of the highest caliber content creators in the world. I’ve been able to document and tell stories through my travel series where I inspire people around the world to see a unique perspective through my films in many destinations around the world. From starting off with my travel videos series to generating over 5 million views through all my films world wide. Over the years I’ve built a name for myself in leading industries. After building credibility online, I run a social media marketing business called Sky Ten Marketing as well as my personal online film business through my website. My business in film brings big projects with high quality transitions and cinematic videos for brands and people looking to theme their content most like their brand,” Juan states.

Juan has put his whole body and soul into his work and he states that his success was not built overnight. His two endeavours into these industries took years of creating his own brand and working with others to establish himself as a leader.

“Success isn’t built overnight, but patience is key to getting there as long as you are persistent with the passion you live for everyday. This road has just started, but all I can say is that I’ve been a good mile down the road already and it was bumpy. This means we have to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles get in the way. I’ve been editing videos since I was 12 years old, and I spent most of my younger days inside because it was something I really loved while growing up. My parents had a different vision for success. I had to stop my passion for film and editing. I then realized right away that if I followed my dream as a director and filmmaker, I would be much happier and would make more money with a fulfilled dream. I had changed my profession many times in high school, but got to where I wanted to be all because I chose to face my fears and everyone saw big hopes and started to believe in me after I put out work and gave it one hundred percent hustle and dedication,” Juan recounts.

After all of this hard work, Juan is hardly planning on slowing down right now. He has more work coming this year as he will be traveling across the United States to film more videos and do more of his favorite work.

“This year I will continue to make more content for my current sponsors and travel to New York California and Hawaii to add more videos to my travel series films. The goal is to build more relationships this year through my work and passion to direct and film. I’ll be also telling the story of Juan Munoz which I will be releasing this summer after building a massive audience,” Juan says.

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