Greg Scheinman is an Advocate for the Midlife Male Who is Seeking to Get Out of the Slump that He is In. Find Out More Below.

For many people, the realization that you are hitting your middle age years can be difficult. Your body can go through major changes and people often do not react well to the differences they encounter. Someone who is helping people get through this often hard time in their lives is Greg Scheinman. 

Greg knows the feeling well. At 49 years old, he has completely changed his outlook on life and is even in the best shape that he has ever been in. 

“I’m an entrepreneur, former big business exec, podcaster, writer, fitness enthusiast, husband, dad and now performance coach. I’m curious and love to learn and try new things. Over the past few years I felt a calling to use my experiences to inform, inspire and entertain others that might be experiencing some of the same shit I’ve experienced, and how those experiences are helping me to maximize middle age today. I help men maximize middle age. Performance Coaching. I also advise, consult, and invest in the brands that help these men the most. I’m an author, speaker and I put out a kickass podcast and newsletter every week,” Greg explains.

Greg is the advocate for middle aged men that they have been looking for. In his words, there are very few people who can relate to what this group of men are going through. Greg is here to change that, but not by being a wise all knowing guru, but rather just by being himself through it all and offering the experience that worked for him.

I’ve seen too many unhappy, unfulfilled, unhealthy men, including my father, squander their lives, time, careers, relationships, health and wealth by being complacent, conforming, and accepting. Midlife Male is a brand that is ME. I’ve got to own that: all my flaws, anxieties, realities, successes and failures,” Greg states.

Greg speaks to the midlife male so authentically because he himself has been through the hardships of a midlife crisis and many other of life’s difficulties. His career had many ups and downs, he lost his dad, and his weight fluctuated constantly. His first business idea was almost universally rejected because no one thought it would take off. He had built a business that specialized in sports dvds for children. However, just when people began to doubt him, Greg proved them all wrong. His business took off and held contracts with all kinds of major sports groups. It was eventually bought by former Disney chairman Michael Eisner. 

 However, he was able to overcome all of these challenges through a good mindset and a dominating spirit that told him to get up even when things were hard.

“I lost my father in my teens, experienced the imprisonment of my brother, I’ve struggled with weight, alcohol, hair loss, body image (warning: today I rarely wear a shirt when I work out), anxiety, and self-confidence. The fact is that we ALL have experiences and choices that shape our lives. The wisdom gained gives us the option of being a victim or using our experiences to learn, share, and become better people. I’m now 49 and have regained my health to become a top executive athlete. There’s a journey here that involves going from fat to fit, broke to wealthy, unhappy to happy, drunk to sober and becoming a better husband and father.  That’s how midlife becomes the next and best phase of life,” Greg says.

Greg has big plans for the rest of 2022. His biggest priority, as he states, is growing his business to the next level as more and more people turn to him for help. He details his plans below:

“Professionally, my biggest priority is growing my Performance Coaching business. I’ll be releasing my first book in June and launching my speaking business. Growing my podcast and newsletter and working with brands that want to reach the midlife male demographic are all part of growing into the premier digital media platform for midlife males and the brands that want to reach them.”

To find out more about Greg, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.