Christoffer Groves Understand Real Estate And Mortgage Unlike Anyone Else. Find Out Why He Thinks Now Is A Good Time To Buy And Rent A House

Many people think of a pandemic as a bad time to make major life changes and investments because of how much volatility there has been in the world. Those people could not be more wrong! In fact, now is one of the best times to be buying a house as real estate expert Chris Goves explains.

“Interest rates have been the lowest in decades. With the cost of money being so cheap, it makes it the right time to buy. Low mortgage rates and the desire for a comfortable work-from-home spot have fueled a home-buying frenzy as well. Mortgage interest rates are still in high 2’s to low 3’s depending on qualifications and loan guidelines,” Chris explains.

It is important now to act fast. Even if you aren’t interested in buying, renting is also a great and much more affordable option to choose at this moment. In Chris’ mind, whatever your choice is, now is the time to act.

“The rental market is just as hot, rents will increase with the real estate prices increasing. It’s better to be paying off your mortgage than someone else’s! If you’re renting, you are also missing out on valuable tax deductions that can lower your income bracket but above all, you’re missing the chance to grow wealth through appreciation of equity in your home,” Chris remarks.

What makes Chris such a reliable expert when it comes to understanding the market is his years and years of experience helping people find their perfect place. After his tenure in the business, he moved to the mortgage world and knows what a mortgage opportunity looks like when he sees one.

“I started in the real estate side for many years.  I saw a change in real estate, it was going online. Mortgage requires more of a strategist mindset which isn’t easy to accomplish online; it requires more hands on and creative thinking. My goal was to create a platform for long term partnership , that means changing as the market and economy changes to be the best fit for our partners. The best number wins, bottom line, and we have the best rates and products!” Chris exclaims.

If you are still skeptical about if this is a good time to buy or rent and ensure that you are not paying someone else’s mortgage, Chris has the facts behind why this market is the ideal market for the new renter or buyer.

“This may be the perfect time to take a step up in the level of your house without increasing your monthly cost as you make it think! With prices increasing, there is more equity in the homes, leading to higher down payments for the new home after you sell your home, combined with ultra low interest rates will leave you with a lower mortgage payment than you thought on the new home loan! We have a huge influx of millennials coming to the age of purchasing homes. The entry level homes and price points are ideal to leave and move up to the next level. Not only will you do well to sell your home, but it will allow you to buy at record low interest rates and allow the next generation to live the american dream and own their first house. If you need more space, more land or want a different area code, this is a great time,” Chris states.

To hear more about the exciting market that you could be entering today, check out Chris’ website here.