Training Your Mind and Your Body is Taken to the Next Level with Jean Fallacara. Find Out More Below

Many of us try to learn from as many sources as possible to find the best outlet for fitness. We follow influencers, gurus, medical advice, and everything in between to find the correct and best methods to get fit. Sometimes people get real results and change their lives, but often, they pursue fad fitness trends that end up reversing progress as soon as the fad has died out.

Jean Fallacara has discovered a new way to train and combine fitness with the power of technology and science. His advice: train like a cyborg. Combining science and technology with the world of fitness, he created Cyborggainz.

“The difference between good athletes and great athletes is that a great athlete knows the way to maximize strength and potential is to train mind and body. Understanding the neurobiological effects of your training and you’ll be stronger, faster, quicker and more explosive, train like a Cyborg and you’ll become a better athlete,” Jean explains.

Jean was first inspired to get involved in this industry when he cracked a code to what makes a great athlete tick. He realized that many of us lack the mental strength that elevates your training methods. This is where Jean comes in to help.

“Great athletes train and thrive; sports are 90% mental and the 10% is physical. To play in the backyard of the best athletes, it is not enough just to be as physically dedicated as them, you need to think like them as well. Building the right frame of mind to become an elite athlete is not an easy job. From psychological preparation, mental skills, brain strategies and wisdom, the world of sport is the ultimate entrepreneurial challenge,” Jean remarks.

Though Jean had found this incredible idea to change the way that people think about fitness and athletic performance, he had to overcome the obstacle of finding the right team and building his brand from the bottom up. Though people eventually came around, there were many skeptics that he had to convince.

“Finding employees, partners or collaborators that were defined by the same almost obsessive focus on the core ideology and on driving change was difficult to do. In other words, partners capable of being totally immersed in work, becoming almost brainwashed in your commitment to the company. Having others truly dedicated to the vision has truly helped make this dream possible,” Jean recounts.

Jean has made himself stand out from the crowd by focusing on his business only and making sure that he and his company were entirely focused on their mission to change the world of fitness.

“Never focus on the competition. Always stick to your core beliefs. If you look too much at competition, you forget to make sure your core ideology is kept intact and chances are that your company will never enjoy long lasting success,” Jean advises.

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