The First Ever Fashion Week Houston is happening in Houston, Texas 11/18/21

One of the most important events in the world of beauty and fashion will soon be held in the city of Houston, Texas. It is the first edition of Fashion Week Houston, organized by fashion legends Remy Toh of The House Of Remy Toh in partnership with Jared Lang of Makin Muves. 

Remy Toh is an international celebrity fashion stylist, fashion consultant and author of the soon to be released “Legends of Style” book. He dreams of making Houston one of the fashion destinations as he’s worked alongside one of the biggest Fashion Brands in the world “Valentino”. 

On the other hand, Jared Lang has over 30 years of experience and is the CEO of Making Muves. He has been a staple of the Houston community as well as a long-time leader in lifestyle and retail branding. 

“The House of Remy Toh and Makin Muves have teamed up to give a proper transatlantic fashion show to be known for years to come as Fashion Week Houston…”

Media Maven Chadd Black says: 

“Remy Toh and Jared Lang both have incredible life stories individually. However, The goal was to exemplify UNITY in an industry where there is typically competition. The Great City Of Houston, Texas is in for an Annual Treat as this is just the beginning of an ongoing Journey that will give designers both locally and nationally the opportunity to showcase their Art and the story behind it, annually. I’m elated to be apart!”

Fashion Week Houston’s overall vision is to change the landscape of Houston and the Fashion Industry as we know it by providing an organized effort to bring together the city’s many talented, diverse, and unique cultures. 

All of these are the reasons why people will be on the edge of their seats at 7 pm on November 18 in Houston, Texas, where they will get to admire all the elegance and entertainment that will be provided at Fashion Week Houston. 

It will be a journey full of glamour and elegance in a show that will transcend borders becoming an event that will be remembered for many years to come. The evening’s headlining designer is an international phenomenon, Raul Penaranda.

“This experience will be an elegant journey that radiates Houston class, with European precision, in an event that transcends borders and is sure to become a timeless event. The House of Remy Toh Team alongside Legendary Fashion Taste-maker Jared Lang and his company “Makin Muves” are honored to bring the great city of Houston onto the world stage of fashion with The 1st Annual #FashionWeekHouston!”

Fashion Week Houston 2021 will be held at the iconic RISE Rooftop, located in downtown Houston with over 13,000 square feet of stunning architecture with high ceilings, vibrant lighting, and its renowned retractable roof. For such an important gala of beauty and glamour, the event will be hosted by Isiah Carey and Coco Dominguez.

Learn more about Fashion Week Houston 2021 by clicking here.