The Academy of Sciences urges to bring more qualified immigrants to the US to protect the scientific achievements of the country

If the United States wants to protect its technological development, it must keep an eye on its immigration policies and do more to attract and retain foreign talent, say experts from the Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, in a report that warns about competition of China on technology and specifically addresses the issue of visas for temporary workers.

Growing concerns about the possibility of the United States losing leadership in technological areas that are key to the country’s development have made many wonder if it is not necessary to establish more controls and restrictions on access to certain technologies.

The experts from the Academy, who advise the Government on the matter, were asked to analyze this possibility. However, his response urges the authorities to change the focus of the discussion and states that if the United States wants to maintain the advantages it has in terms of technology and protect its development, it must, among other measures, improve its ability to “attract, retain and support the world’s most talented workers in Science, Engineering and Innovation”.

 In addition to working on developing talent locally, the United States needs to “aggressively expand the advantages it offers to international talent, including top academic research universities, (and) reputable, well-funded, open research environments.” high and innovative”, among other conditions to attract the most outstanding students and researchers.