Megan Abreu – A Young Entrepreneur Who Is Making Women Feel Beautiful Through Her Swimwear Designs

Megan Abreu, at just 22 years old, has become a successful entrepreneur who is dedicated to expanding her business. Megan had a child at a young age, which really changed her perspective on life, as she began to feel more motivated in order to be able to give her child the world. Two years ago, Megan decided to start pursuing her creative ideas and let them stop going to waste. As she started to draw and write down her ideas, she decided to teach herself how to sew. After 4-5 months of persistence and consistency, Megan learned how to become a seamstress and entered the swimwear industry. 

Now, Megan owns Itsy Bitsy Swimwear, best known for their one of a kind string bikinis that give minimal tan lines. They also recently launched a one piece, high waisted collection that compliments the lower hips, enhancing the body’s curves. Through this business, Megan has not only been able to do what she loves, but she has also become financially free and has provided her family with the life she wants for them. 

“The love of creating and making things a reality. Nothing has felt as rewarding as seeing beautiful women all around the US on vacation with my swim sets on,” states Megan. 

Despite the obstacles brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, such as shortage of supplies and logistical issues, Megan has been able to push through and continue to grow her business. While this may have been a stressful time, Megan is now better prepared for the difficulties that come with running your own business. Furthermore, Megan started her business completely on her own, which has made her tough and taught her to always think ahead of the game. Because of this, Megan recognizes the importance of mindset and passion in building a successful business: 

“Mindset is key. You need to be able to keep pushing your dreams everyday whether anyone notices or not. Do it, but do it because you love it and you believe in yourself. Not because you want a quick dollar,” states Megan. 

Throughout this year, Megan plans to continue expanding her business not only throughout the United States, but also on an international level. 

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