Meet Sex Abuse Survivor and Upcoming Artist- Pierre Chambers

Meet Pierre Chambers- influencer in the faith community and owner of a private Multi conglomerate that oversees his personal affairs and business as an author, recording artist, filmmaker, inspirational speaker, and sex abuse advocate. 

From a young age, Pierre was dedicated to the church and knew he wanted to learn more and get more involved, yet was met with unfortunate sexual abuse between the ages of 12 and 15 by the youth pastor. 

“We’ve all heard about child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, so through my story, I want to shed light on how this also happens in other faith communities.” For Pierre, he says it all comes down to trust. “I had profound trust in the church—it was the closest I could ever be to God. But that absolute trust can be broken and manipulated by bad individuals.”

Due to his own experience with sex abuse, Pierre now advocates and teaches parents, educators, and anyone interacting with children or teens to be familiar with warning signs of sexual abuse.

Despite the unfortunate events that transpired during Pierre’s youth, Writing, spending time in his community and with his faith mentors, and being a father have all been important parts of Pierre’s healing process. With the right motivation and help from his family in peers, was able to reach his goals and is also the author of a memoir and account of the abuse, I Trusted You. Even during his days as a teen, he always liked music and writing which pushed Pierre to follow his career path as an artist and writer. 

Now Pierre is striving for bigger and more unique things. Recently, he has been scaling up his presentation and approach in order to reach more audiences. He also continues to make sure that his story is relatable and heartfelt in order to make a connection with the community. Pierre, along with writer/director Lee Davis are currently working together to create a film based on his story. Meanwhile, he continues to work arduously to get a record deal and meet with music A&R.

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