Lyrian Cavazos is the Mom Entrepreneur Behind the Girls Clothing Brand Heaven Bloom, Which Offers Distinct Clothing For Girls

Heaven Bloom offers a variety of girl clothing products including dresses, rompers, crop tops and more. Its creator is Lyrian Cavazos, a mom entrepreneur who is constantly updating her collection to provide more diverse products.

Difficult moments in life are often a test because after overcoming them, people can turn the situation into an opportunity. This was the case of Lyrian, who created Heaven Bloom, a distinct clothing brand for girls, while she was dealing with the biggest challenge of her life. 

“My business started as a result of a difficult episode I lived through, when my third son was interned in a hospital when he was just 15 months old after being diagnosed with a very lethal cancer. My husband and I stayed with him through eight months of treatment, giving up other jobs to dedicate our time to his battle. One month in, I realized I was pregnant for a fourth time. After three boys, this time it was going to be a girl, which was a dream come true for me. But I was very sad because of my son’s illness and I could barely celebrate the news.” Lyrian recounts.

Indeed, Lyrian spent her entire pregnancy in the hospital accompanying her son.The only moments she had time for her pregnancy were those in which she sat down and created headbands for her daughter-to-be.

“I would create bracelets and hair accessories and that is how Heaven Bloom was born, a clothing brand for modern girls.” Lyrian shares.

When Lyrian’s son recovered from his illness, her family was able to surpass their biggest challenge and she has her four children healthy. But launching Heaven Bloom, she also faced other business obstacles such as struggling to find the key to making her clothing accessories distinct from all others.

Currently, Heaven Bloom offers a variety of normal and twirly dresses, rompers, crop tops and more, all designed with children in mind. In their website, you can learn more about their products and story.

“I believe that mindset is very important when starting a business. To have a business you must always have a positive mindset and not give up with the first difficulty.” Lyrian advises.

Lyrian also believes that when people want to start their own business, they should just go for it and not overthink it. This is what led to her living her success every day while growing and expanding Heaven Bloom. 

“Success for me is being with my family, with the financial freedom to travel wherever we want and live wherever we want.” She says. 

Looking ahead, Lyrian’s projects include expanding Heaven Bloom to grow its reach in the clothing industry and be able to distribute her products to more people. Follow her journey here.