How Matt Forexgang Carved A Space For Himself To Be Successful In The Trading World

From the streets of a Paris suburb, Mathieu, better known as Matt Forexgang, is now conquering the trading industry as a trainer, and private jet rental company owner who has built a community of  people who share his ambition to live a luxury lifestyle outside of salary constraints while maintaining its dignity.

“I am the first suburban Guadeloupean trader trainer with a touch of hip hop,” Matt says. 

Matt’s motivations were simple: to be his own man. He wanted to be financially free, to no longer depend on a third party to earn his money, to tell him when he has the right to go on vacation, or who needs to be informed when he is sick. 

“I needed to fulfill myself in order to protect my family and manage my life as I want,” Matt says. 

Matt was inspired to get into the industry by people well known in the space, such as Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez. He spent time studying their lifestyles and backgrounds, especially after losing his job and having more time to dive into the specifics. 

“The world of the stock market and particularly the money market has always interested me but like many people, I thought that it was a world reserved for the more affluent layer and that it was necessary to have a consequent start-up capital to access it. Then I thought to myself, ‘why not me?’ I had nothing to lose except time, and at that point in my life, I had more than enough. The more I was interested in it, the more I got a taste for it and I realized that yes, I too could enter the world of the white collar – but I would enter it with a pair of jordans on,” Matt recalls. 

With his eyes now open, Matt began to understand that he’s not the one who needs an employer, but in fact, it’s the employer who needs his knowledge, his expertise, his skills, and his brainpower. 

“That’s what I’m getting paid for. And that’s when I decided that the one and only person who could profit and make money on my brain was me! Once I understood and integrated this idea, nothing could stop me because my mindset had changed. I was no longer an employee in my head but a boss, an entrepreneur and I had to do whatever it took to make it work because if I didn’t I would have to go back to this world I no longer conceived,” Matt says.

With this fresh outlook on life, Matt was able to take control of his finances. Now, he’s able to work no matter where he is in the world, as long as there’s an internet connection.

“For me, financial freedom means that I am the own boss of my happiness. And I thank God for this every day,” Matt says. 

When others come to him for advice, Matt always tells them the same thing: Never forget that this is your life and it will be affected by the consequences of your choices. 

“No one is in your shoes. No one knows how you feel in the morning when you go to work, and no one knows what sacrifices you make in life. When you start studying, whether it’s complex or not, you bet on yourself for years in the making. You bet on your ambitions, your dreams, your daily life, and the standard of living you aspire to, but most of all, you bet on yourself. If you love what you do and you do it for the right reasons, nothing will stop you,” Matt outlines. 

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