Experience And Knowledge Combine To Create A Powerful Team At Purpose Capital Group.

Real estate is a tricky business that comes with many ups and downs as the market fluctuates. A good real estate investment expert and developer can be hard to come by because of this. Experience is crucial in this business because it teaches the realtor how and when to buy and sell so that they can better help their customers. If you do find a good realtor, it may come with a premium.

Combining experience with a passion to help people develop properties, Purpose Capital Group is a business in the state of Ohio that is committed to development. Principle Development offers multiple services, but they are primarily focused on helping investors buy large apartment buildings by finding, buying, and managing. With both investment in property and development, their goal is to provide an all in one location for people’s real estate needs.

They do this because they see their business as one clear purpose, which is to help people. They contribute funds to their investors in what they call a passive partnership in order for the investors to buy properties. One of their goals in life is to be able to help as many people as possible begin to invest in real estate and apartments which have way more upside long-term.

Despite having a good start to their business, the Purpose Capital Group did have their fair share of challenges to overcome in the journey to helping people. Many people make entrepreneurship look like it comes easily, but it is a lot of hard work and dedication to your business day in and day out. If you aren’t constantly feeding your mind with courage, inspiration, positivity and confidence you will begin to have these fears, self-doubt and failures crush your dreams or worst you begin to live in denial that these things exist and that they are holding you back.

What helped them come out the other side of their challenges was their ability to understand the way that the world and the real estate market were flowing. This allowed them to always be one step ahead of the curve and be predictive instead of reactive.

The Purpose Capital Group is led by Michael Oliver. Michael is a former member of the fashion industry who became deeply involved in the world of real estate and development when his grandmother’s house was almost taken away from the family. He was able to turn the situation around and never wanted to stop being involved after that.

“Real Estate helped me to realize that my early years in the streets forced me to develop an unique ability of managing risk effectively even in a fast-paced environment. It might sound crazy but when you come from an environment where mismanaging risk could mean loss of freedom, loss of life or physical harm you learn how to navigate risk much differently than most. I think that this experience makes me incredibly unique,” Michael explains.

The Purpose Capital Group has big projects planned for the rest of the year. Their main one is working on breaking ground on a $18M 156 Unit Apartment Project in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. They are also expanding into some new markets in the US so that is very exciting as well.

To find out more about the team at Purpose Capital Group, check out their website here.