Dr. Amber Jamal States “Self-belief And Hard-Work Will Always Earn You Success.”

Dr. Amber Jamal became an entrepreneur in a very interesting and non-traditional way. An entrepreneur is a person who is not afraid to experiment or take risks in life. Her journey begins as a physician by training until she found the beauty world and decided that this was the place for her to make a big difference.

“I am a Physician, CEO of Amber Dazzle Cosmetics, CEO of Beauty Global Network, CEO of Amber Dazzle Handbags, TV media host of Amber Dazzle Show, entrepreneur and producer.” Amber explains.

Amber is also a creative artist who believes in freedom of expression and advocates compassion and kindness to all people of all cultures, race or religion. This is the major reason behind her launch of the Beauty Global Network.

“I believe in empowering men and women and helping build each other for success and excellence. Beauty Global Network stands for networking for all kinds of businesses related to health, beauty, fitness and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. This platform brings great opportunities for everyone to come together, enjoy, mingle, socialize, network and advertise their business. BGN does live shows every week with BGN anchors and BGN also launches BGN magazines every month encompassing successful lifestyles. BGN also showcases Fashion Show, Makeup Artistry Class powered by Amber Dazzle cosmetics, as well as Honor Awards and many other fun things. Our honor awards are presented to those women who have amazing success stories,” Dr. Amber recounts. 

Along with Beauty Global Network platform Amber also introduced BGN Magazine.

Beauty Global Network Magazine: BGN Magazine is a digital magazine widely circulated digitally in the USA and Canada and globally across the world. Our magazine has a strong presence in the USA and internationally across the world. We bring entrepreneurs, creative talent, business leaders and people with successful inspirational achievements. 

“I started my journey in TV career as a host for my lifestyle show. The show was a spectrum of health, beauty, fitness, spirituality and fountain of knowledge.

Amber Dazzle Show: Amber Dazzle Show successfully ran on four biggest media platforms, TXA21, Channel 9/KCAL, Channel 55/WLNY (CBS Operated), and ARY Digital USA Canada. was a lifestyle show which highlights health, beauty, fitness, entrepreneurs. We successfully run bi-weekly show on:

1. KTXA21 Dallas /Fort Worth (Four Season),

2. KCAL California (Two Season),

3. WLNY New York (Two Season) and

4. ARY Digital Dish Channel 677 and Sling TV (Five Seasons)

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Amber is also an artist who paints using oil medium on canvas and has rich knowledge of colors. Her medical knowledge of skincare and colors as an artist played a vital role in developing Amber Dazzle Cosmetics.

“Amber Dazzle Cosmetics: Bright, beautiful, rich, and bold – makeup that lasts, and enhances your natural beauty. Amber Dazzle cosmetics gives women across the nation a simple, affordable, and realistic way to build confidence and beauty at the same time. Amber put her heart and soul to bring this spectrum of bold lip colors to those who want to take a risk and play with the colors, her goal as Amber Dazzle Cosmetics is to help your inner creativity shine, as Amber Dazzle take on the world with more than 30 lips shades, eyeshadow palettes, blush palette, highlighter palette and amazing other makeup products. Check our website here for the latest cosmetic products,” Amber says.

If that weren’t enough, Dr. Amber hand selected all her designs of her Amber Dazzle Handbags. They are designed for women on the go and the working woman who needs a good handbag to help her get from point A to point B.

“Amber Dazzle Handbags: Amber Dazzle Handbags are designed for modern day women. Our collection makes sure that when you carry them, you show o- your love for striking bags, from clutches to cross body and luxurious leather bags. We made sure our bags are modern, chic, stylish, trendy with a touch of elegance. Every piece of our handbags is like a piece of jewel timelessly elegant! Our each and every bag is very unique from one another. Stand out styles for casual or athleisure looks. Our bag collections are designed to be worn in any number of ways to the mood or occasion. As you know what you wear is how you present yourself. We made sure that each and every handbag of ours are designed for the modern world we live in, to make sure our bags are a must have in your handbag collection!” Dr. Amber explains.

Amber also has a jewelry line called “AP Fashion USA”. Her creativity really stands out in terms of her jewelry. She provides all different types of styles for jewelry lovers. Her jewelry allows individuals to express themselves in a beautiful way. 

AP Fashion USA: AP Fashion USA brings high-end jewelry to all our jewelry lovers. It is a combination of all classic, modern, contemporary and timeless designs of jewelries. 

Hasan Ansari: “Amber Dazzle Business Operations are managed by Mr Hasan Ansari. Mr Hasan Ansari is a Business Strategist/Planner, Marketing Consultant, author of 5 books. His company iBrandigo is one of the World’s Leading Agencies specializing in building brands” 

Her success comes from her life motto: “Never fear to dream big and always believe in your hard work.”

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