Claudienne Hibbert-Smith Is The Real Estate Professional And Business Entrepreneur You Should Follow: With More Than 20 Years Of Experience, She Has Shown Her Capacity To Lead

Buying a home or purchasing an investment property is probably the biggest decision a person can make in their life. Unfortunately, due to inequality and high prices not many people get to make that decision, and those who do are often not well advised. 

Claudienne Hibbert-Smith is a real estate professional with two decades of experience. Since she got started, she has been pushing for home ownership and real estate investment opportunities for the black community.  

Claudienne manages different businesses in real estate, healthcare and even politics. She has been a real estate professional for over 20 years. She is also a member of the City of Opa Locka Planning and Zoning Board, and has chaired the National Association of Realtors (NAREB) as local South Florida president. 

I serve buyers and sellers in both the residential and commercial sectors as I continue to push for home ownership and real estate investment opportunities for the black community.” Claudienne adds. “I created a real estate group-Hibbert Group about 7 years ago and we have maintained #1 in sales in our immediate office of over 130 agents and top 5 in the entire company of over 4,000 agents. I buy and rent properties under my company – CH Enterprises, LLC- CREATING PASSIVE INCOME. I also run a health and wealth business. Simply put, I literally changed my lifestyle and took control of my health and it has allowed me to feel good inside and out – I am now a National Director at Total Life Changes where I am helping people get their health on the right track and create another source of income and taking that earned income and helping them to put into income producing assets.”

Claudienne was born in Queens, New York and is the last of four children. Soon after her birth, her family moved to Miami, Florida. In school, she always showed the skills of a high-achieving student. At age 14, Claudienne got pregnant. She was able to have her child and overcome the stigma of teenage pregnancy. In 2001, she graduated from the University of Florida (UF), a top-ranked university ranked 14th among all public universities in the United States by US News & World Report.  

Shortly after landing her first job out of college, Claudienne learned that a realtor made in one month what she was made in one year. This is when she decided to give herself completely to the real estate world. She simply made a decision and took a risk- she quit her job and went to real estate school.

Claudienne became a real estate professional and partnered with The Keyes Company. She quickly rose through the ranks with her sales volume and, as a result, created the Hibbert Group of Real Estate Consultants. But getting into the real estate world also came with obstacles. 

The biggest challenge I overcame was being black in a white male dominated field in real estate (20 years ago)!” Claudienne comments.

Today, Claudienne sets herself apart from the competition because she has a different way of thinking and acting. She thinks positively, sets goals and works. She is not just a realtor, she is an educator. That is a big difference.

In fact, throughout the past twenty years, Claudienne has received several educational and real estate industry credentials including: Chairman’s & Presidential Elite Circle, 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County, 25 Most Influential & Prominent Black Women in Business and Leadership, Top 5 Real Estate Network. In 2019, Claudienne received Miami Agent Magazine’s Agents’ Choice Award for her charitable service and was also honored by the City of Miami Gardens at the Women’s Expo as “Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things.”

In 2001, Claudienne joined the National Association of Real Estate Brokers- South Florida Board of Realtist (SFBOR) as secretary. This is an organization created to lobby for African American Realtors. With great leadership preceding her, she became Vice President and shortly thereafter, became President and led the way for two terms totaling four years. 

Throughout her career, she has served as a realtor for the City of Miami Gardens, Miramar and Pembroke Pines and complied with the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). Claudienne also serves on the City of Miami Gardens Affordable Housing Advisory Committee and sits on the City of Opa Locka Planning and Zoning Board.

After 20 years of being with the same brokerage, Claudienne made a huge decision and decided to spread her wings and impact the masses – She is now with EXP Realty and is looking for real estate business partners worldwide. 

“This year I’m looking to create 1,000 investors and homeowners, start my TV series – Everything Real Estate (I’ve always wanted to be the Ellen Degeneres of real estate). I will begin coaching on stages all over the United States on topics such as how to build a real estate portfolio and how to increase your real estate sales.”

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