Businessman, Speaker and Coach Shaun Rawls is Publishing His Book “F-it Less” Through Which He Shares Life-Enhancing Advice

Shaun Rawls the businessman, speaker and thought leader is publishing “F-it-less: 18 F Words to Reframe and Repurpose Your Life,” a book through which he shares wisdom on how to live your best life building on his own life experience.

Shaun opened the first Keller Williams Realty office in Georgia in 1991 with his ex-wife and 21 real estate agents. Over time they grew the business from 21 real estate agents to 2,000 in six offices in metro Atlanta in 14 years, becoming the number one real estate firm in the city and selling nearly $4 billion in 2014. 

“A number of crazy universal nudges, if not slaps in my face, led me to step out of my leadership role and away from our offices at the end of 2014. It was time to get out of my comfort zone and focus on building a life with my new wife and survey the world, waiting and watching for inspiration to climb new mountains. I’ve never been afraid to go against the grain, to take the road less traveled. When everyone goes left, I believe there’s an overlooked opportunity to go right and drive with less traffic around me.” Shaun shares. 

So, after coaching and consulting some of the best real estate agents and leaders around the country for so many years, Shaun decided he wanted to make sure to capture in a book a number of his experiences and observations that underpin great success in life and business. 

“The result of this desire is my book ‘F-it-less: 18 F Words to Reframe and Refocus Your Life.’ It’s raw, real, vulnerable and packed with no-nonsense information that will change anyone’s life for the better. It’s a book that shares hard-won wisdom on how to live your best life.” Shaun explains.

This book offers readers activities that can help them simplify and place their desires for love, happiness, peace, joy, and productivity where they deserve to be and shows them how to achieve them, step by step. It also offers unique insights, thought processes, and truths that can stay in their new life forever. 

Most people are not the creators of their own changes in their life. They follow the ideas of others. What works ‘right’ until it doesn’t. Reframe the concepts of Family, Faith, Fun, and Freedom, and let them guide you. Use words like Fantastic, Find, Fix, Forgive and Foxhole and find your best life faster.” Shaun advises.

What motivated Shaun to write such a book was the question of how he could take all that he has learned in the ups and downs of his life, and share it in a way that would continue to add value and impact others.

What if the ‘F’ didn’t stand for the ‘F’ word that we all know and love so much? What if it wasn’t a bad word at all? What if we could redefine the meaning of the ‘F’ word as it relates to change, giving us back the power to change, helping us to architect the changes we need to live the life we want? And out of all that craziness, ‘F-it-less: 18 F Words to Reframe and Refocus Your Life’ was born.” He adds.

What makes Shaun’s book different from others is that he is using his own life experiences to make sure to capitalize on the most important lessons learned to compile into a life-enhancing book that is easy to understand. 

“The advice of the book is easy to implement and it can begin to simplify and improve life now and forever. F-it-less meets you where you are, takes you by the hand, and gets you where you want to go.” Shaun states. 

Shaun possesses several qualities that make him stand out from other coaches because of his approach to leading: he looks to leadership to draw lessons that he can share with others and help them be better.

I don’t believe that health and happiness have to be compromised to live a financially rewarding life. And I don’t believe that others have to lose in order for me to win.” He says.

There are people who live their lives doing the best they can and fail to leave a legacy, which doesn’t mean that life was meaningless. Shaun wants to leave the idea and importance of living a life without complications. He wants to be remembered as someone who always has a helpful and productive answer when asked about something.

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