Bruce Moncada and Yajaira Solano Have Ventured Into a Variety of Businesses After Seeing Opportunities Where Others See Problems

There are things in life that are unexpected, fortuitous events that may make a person stop, think for a moment and see in them an opportunity to create a service or product that is very useful for others.

Bruce Moncada is a businessman of Colombian origin who came to the United States like many other people in search for a better future. He is of humble origins with an education in moral values that his father instilled in him. He first got into the business industry at age 19 through real estate..

With the success he was having in real estate he owned several real estate properties and started renting them out in New York. As time went by, Bruce met the future mother of his son, singer Yajaira Solano, who until that moment had not signed with any record label. This was one of the first times the two of them identified a gap in services and decided to do something about it.

Bruce created a record label called Daydreamer Records, with which Yajaira took off to stardom. She has had more than five hundred performances and has been in the top ten on Billboard’s Latin charts.

Moreover, in the music world, all the stars have to look their best. In that case, Yajaira, while they were on tour for their concerts, loved to use shapewear clothes, but there was a small problem and that was that she could not easily get one that favored her body. 

We saw the opportunity to create our own with special technology. We created several utility patents. Which catapulted our business and separated us from all the competition. We now hold patents in several countries and have created a company that helps women look good and feel good. Providing excellent products to serve all women of all shapes and sizes.” They explain.

So now, Bruce and Yajaira run Shop Yahaira, which is a women’s shapewear company. They have also created a revolutionary girdle that is now known as Happy But No. 7, which is trademarked.

We were able to build a brand that is well known and we have celebrities and influencers from all over the world wearing our shapewear. It has started a movement that has changed people’s lives.” They add.

Bruce and Yajaira realized there was a need in the market for high quality women’s shapewear, which at the time did not exist. Many times, Yajaira would end up dismantling her garments and creating her own.

This business solved that problem and we were able to help people with it. Our shaping garments don’t flatten the buttock region; they have a seamless breathable mesh with 4-way stretch that lifts and shapes along with other patented technology.” They share.

After years of experience building a variety of businesses in the real estate industry, retail and music industries, Bruce and Yajaira have been able to learn many tips and tricks applicable to other business owners.

“My advice is to do as much research as you can before you start your own business. Find someone who is already where you want to be and get insight, guidance and stay positive. Always be a problem solver and have a positive outlook on life. That is what will keep you on the right path to success. Where there is a problem there will be a solution.” Bruce advises.

Shop Yahaira differentiates itself from others in the same business because of the technology used in the manufacturing of the shapewear, the way it advertises its products, and its customer service.

We advertise with models and influencers. We deal with women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. We respond to all comments and messages in real-time. Our customers value our communication and reputation. Our product quality is better than all of our competitors. People choose our brand because they know they are getting the best that money can buy and my partner is the face they trust.” They state.

Learn more about Shop Yahaira here.