A Performance Coach Who Has Been Helping LEADERS In Business And Sports Succeed For Years: Meet Ben Newman

There are events that leave marks on people and changes forever their way of being, acting, and relating to others. Sometimes those experiences no matter how painful they are, bring out the best in people. They burn an internal flame that ignites people’s purpose, motivates them to be better every day and to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Ben Newman is a highly regarded performance coach, international speaker, and best-selling author. Some of his clients include Fortune 500 companies worldwide, business executives, sales organizations, and professional athletes from the National Football League (NFL), the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), the National Basketball League (NBA), the Major League Baseball (MLB), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and the NationalCollegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Ben also works as a mental conditioning coach for the 18-time national champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team and has worked with players from the last five Super Bowl champion teams.

“My mother is my greatest motivation. She was a single mom fighting to make ends meet, who divorced when I was six months old. Later she was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease called amyloidosis. The way she battled that disease before she passed away 11 days before my 8th birthday has caused there to be a burn inside of me that ignites my ‘why’ and my purpose to take the necessary steps to be the best I can be every day. In everything I have done, I have always strived to make her proud.” Ben shares.

In his work, Ben has always encouraged people to connect with the flame inside of them so they can fight on another level. He also empowers his clients to never stop writing their own story on their path to success. “True success is our ability to get back up one more time than we have been knocked down. Success is never easy. It’s the daily and consistent commitment to the process that makes you perform at your highest level.” Ben adds. “It is an incredible blessing every day to be able to pour into others to connect them to write their stories. It’s all about legacy.”

For Ben, it is crucial to help his clients believe in themselves. He thinks that fear is a natural thing that can hold anyone back from moving forward on the road to success.

“Fear keeps us all from performing at our highest level. It is important to recognize that faith and fear cannot exist together. Believe in yourself and have a powerful vision and identify the daily work that gives you the greatest likelihood of achieving that vision. This will silence your fears and give you the ability to stay focused on what you can control.” Ben states.

As a successful coach, author and speaker, Ben knows what it takes to launch a successful project or start a business. He also knows that the biggest challenge to doing this can be in your mind.

“Individuals have a tendency to focus on results that they can’t control rather than identifying the process that will drive their highest levels of success. When entering any business I’ve always found it beneficial to find the individuals performing at the highest level. How do they think? How do they show up? What can you learn about their daily process to help you perform at your highest possible level? High-level results are a byproduct of your hard work everyday.” Ben affirms.

Ben understands that success is about relationships and a commitment to being your best everyday not about awards or championships. For him, success is about the relationships that have been established over the last 15 years with individuals in sports and business.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben has been able to respond to challenge and adversity with the help of his team. The pandemic forced them to implement new strategies and create new ways to reach people.

“We developed our online Financial Advisor Academy, launched Mental

Toughness Academy 2.0, gave more talks than ever before due to virtual platforms, grew our coaching platform and I was able to write the manuscript for my upcoming book ‘UNCOMMON Leadership: 11 Ways the Greatest Leaders Lead’ out on August 3rd of this year. I am incredibly proud of our team and our clients who stuck with it and fought through adversity.” Ben shares.

This year already started in an incredible way for Ben, with three of his most important goals in the sports arena accomplished: winning a national championship with Alabama, working with multiple pro bowl players and Super Bowl champion Lavonte David with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Our corporate clients are also off to a record start and we can’t wait for the publication of my seventh book. Everyday is an opportunity to grow our best selves. It’s never about what you achieve but what you are willing to keep fighting for. Don’t ever be seduced by success. WE all must keep attacking the process every day.” Ben says.

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